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Riga is full of contrasts, one of the biggest being Art Noveau and the Moscow district. Although they are polar opposites, there is a great part of Riga’s history behind both. Art Noveau in Riga is one of the top attractions that have to be seen when visiting the city. Riga is known to have the highest concentration of art nouveau buildings in the whole world, having around 800 beautiful examples all throughout the city. Started in the 1900s, Art Noveau, also known as Jugendstil, came to predominate Riga’s suburbs. Now Alberta street, where the most famous art nouveau houses are located is known to be one of the most luxurious areas of Riga.

The Moscow district on the other hand in the 19th century was one of the first areas to develop outside the city defenses. The unseen, maybe even different part of Riga is rich in Russian and also Jewish history, during the Nazi occupation it was turned into a ghetto for Jews. Nowadays, it’s considered a shady place with wooden buildings where tourists are told to stay away from, despite having so much interesting history behind. All that and more you will be able see during our Other Riga bike tour. If you want to discover all the history of Art Noveau and the Moscow district, and what Riga was like 100 years ago from 2 very different perspectives, join us for our Other Riga bike tour. Equipped with all necessary bike gear, comfortable and quality bikes and most importantly, a Bluetooth audio transmitter system, that will make sure our Bicycle tour through Riga is safe and top quality, without missing any bits of information.

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Why choose Other Riga tour on a bicycle?

  • See and hear more;
  • Explore;
  • See unique white sand beach;
  • You won’t miss anything by the way to Jurmala.

Other Riga bike tour is an excellent choice for those travellers who have already visited Riga Old Town and discovered Parks of Riga but are looking forward for something more, to understand the real Riga temper or for those who already know what they seek to see! In the whole world generally Riga is being recognized by it’s marvelous art nouveau buildings. By the way Riga has the finest art nouveau building collection in Europe! Obviously we, the locals are proud for this invaluable heritage of Riga. As you might guess Riga isn’t covered only with beautiful art nouveau buildings and to face all faces of our city shouldn’t miss the Moscow district which has it’s own story and legends not only for Riga but as well for entire country!  

Therefore the best would be to see it all in once facing each of Rigas face feeling the heart rate of our city. Due to the fact that none of these objects are close by each other we have tailored exciting bike tour for everyone and we are sure that Other Riga tour best performance is reachable by bicycle. 

 We have prepared for you some arguments:

  1. By bicycle you are able to see more in less time;
  2. If you care about your ECOlogical foot print – Bicycle is one of the most environment friendly vehicle
  3. Thanks to our audio guide systems we have in use in our bicycle tours you will be able to learn more at


We kindly suggest you to book your bicycle tour in Riga at best at least week in advance.

Tour can be tailored to suit perfectly your needs and interested covering main areas and objects. However the main object of bike tour is resort city Jurmala with the beautiful white sand beach, of course you won’t miss neither  history nor the main sightseeing objects.

All kind of safety gear is included in price and available for your use – starting from helmets

Included in price are quality German trekking bikes of different frame types and sizes your needs. Therefore you shouldn’t worry about effortless cycling but if you are looking forward for more easy and light experience you can upgrade your bike for the tour to an E-bike or 29 ”MTB bike.

For more information about E-bikes , 29” MTB bikes you will find out here: 

Meeting point

This tour meets at our shop, located between Presidents Palace and Dom Square at Pils iela 14, Vecrīga.


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Other Riga Bike Tour

Price: from 35 €

1    people – 90 € person

2-5 people – 45 € person

6-8 people – 40 € person

9+ people – 35 € person

Duration: 3h

Place: Riga

Level of difficulty: Moderate

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