Frequently asked questions to Bike Rent Riga.

What type of bicycle should I rent in Riga?

Let’s begin, that you have to realize where are you planning to cycle, how long and of course take into account your own demands. If you are looking forward to find out more specific information about our bicycles available at our bike rental Riga or get to know terms and conditions click here.


City bike

Rent city bike for cruising around Riga. It’s light, equipped with gears and luggage carriers in back and front! 

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Mountain bike

If your plans includes getting off the track and you are looking for adventures you should definitely go for mountain bike
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Trekking bike

With attention to information given before we have to highlight, that Trekking bicycle is something that combines both, city and mountain bikes.

Equipped with lights, Dynamo hub and many more. Rent trekking bike in Riga if you have a desire for something better and you are planning to bike a lot!

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29er’ Mountain bike

Rent 29er if you want to try something new! 29 inch wheels will make your ride so soft, that you won’t feel any track irregularities.



Don’t want to sweat, instead want to have relaxed ride around city? Rent E-Bike!

Tandem bike rent in Riga

Tandem Bike

Test your relationship – rent tandem bike

What else should I know about renting a bike in Riga?


I want to rent a bike in Riga, what type of deposit is required?

50 EUR cash/credit card deposit is required. Other type of deposit is up on arrangement.

Is there any rules for cycling in Riga?

You have to apply for very simple and logic rules – respect pedestrians if you are on sidewalk or in park. Choose bike path if there is one above sidewalk.
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Till what time it’s allowed to bring back rental bicycles?

Rent a bicycle in Riga from us and have an exclusive opportunity to return rental bikes 24/7.