E-Bike Rental in Riga

If you want explore Riga faster, way more relaxed and easier then electric bicycle is right for you. Our Bicycle rental offer quality German electric bicycle rate in Riga Old town. We are professional Bicycle rental in Riga Old town which has it’s own workshop that gurantees that all our bicycles, included E-bikes will be always in the best possible condition, supervised by our mechanic, which, unfortunately other rentals can’t support on daily basis – shame on them.

Whether you cycle fast or slow, you are young or elder electric bikes are especially efficient for long distance journeys around Riga, Latvia or even Baltic states.

Electric bicycles in our shop

e-bike rent in riga

How electric bicycles work?

You still has to pedal, e-bikes are not like scooters. But electric bicycles are capable to save you ton of energy and bring you a lot of joy, because they assist you while you are cycling or in other words they help you to pedal, whether it’s lazy city ride or sporty up to the hill, E-bikes will make your trip across Riga much easier, so that you can focus on sightseeing.
electric bicycle in riga

Range of the E-bikes

Thanks to the latest high technologies our E-bike Battery range is up to 100km riding in ECO mode. Our bikes has several cycling modes from which, ofcourse depends the battery range.

We warmly advise you to reserve E-bikes in advance, so that your plans do not fall apart!

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