Parks of Riga and Old Town Bike Tour

Enjoy Riga Art Nouveau excursions by Bike

Riga is a city that is a beautiful mix of modern and vintage. Once a medieval town, Riga is rich in history. Thanks to its location it has flourished and throughout history was a temptation to many – Vikings, the Crusaders, and countless merchants, thus Riga has been influenced by a variety of cultures.

To take a trip back in time we will be exploring all bits of Riga Old Town. Being the UNESCO world heritage, the old town has a lot to offer and many stories to tell. With a bicycle, it is the perfect way to see all bits and parts of Riga while simultaneously listening to our great tour guides in the audio transmitter system.


In Riga, we also have many parks beautiful parks located centrally which in the busy city is like a sanctuary for greenery and peace. Our Riga bike tour is the best way to enjoy most of them and capture all of the beauty and learn about the history of Riga and Latvia.

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