Jurmala Beach city Bike tour

Feel the fresh sea breeze in your hair in our Jurmala Beach city bike tour!

Jurmala beach city is the most famous Latvia’s and also the Baltics seaside resort and one of the top places in Latvia for sightseeing thanks to its healthy climate, pine forests, and medicinal waters.

Being 33 km long and having plenty of bike paths Jurmala is best to be explored on a bicycle. Jurmala is full of unique wooden architecture dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. Having elements of art nouveau, classical and romantic buildings, Jurmala is a unique mix of everything.

On our bicycle tour, we will be able to see it all – elements of soviet architecture, modern apartments, and mansions together with the 400 historical monuments and 5000 historical buildings that are cute and dollhouse-like wooden houses.